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About Freqncy Audio

A little bit about us

We are so much more than just an audio facility. In the past, our then 3 studios were just that. Recording suites. Today they represent the “power” in empowerment with each studio now its own exciting brand owned wholly by the engineer in charge who is now proudly our strategic business partner. With the later addition to the mix of A Nathi Sound, the set of four engineers work amazingly together bringing a complete set of skills and expertise to the facility furthermore the comradery is something to behold.

The NEW Freq’ncy has many added benefits that combine ambition and experience. Our valued clients can now connect to our internal voice bank to pick among the best of many African dialects. Access our network of proven suppliers from across Africa. Tap into our database of professional translators and language supervisors of over 100 languages within our Kalu Media network who are managed and empowered through the latest technological advances in the translation and transcreation world by experienced and accredited project managers. And that’s just the beginning. Call on us to find out how we can become your biggest enabler, not just for our local market. We bring African-wide possibilities to your brands and clients with tenacious energy, commitment to professionalism, and excellence.




We provide the final mix for your audio post-production needs ranging from film to radio, AV’s, commercials, and even animations. We have four fully equipped state-of-the-art studios with a ready-to-work qualified team itching to get their hands on your project.


You can trust our team to give you a compelling composition, scoring, sound alike, and stems for any medium and in any genre. Our music engineers and composers collaborate with clients to create sounds that resonate with their target audience. We are able to Transcreate music into multiple African dialects at the same time without sacrificing the nuances and subtle emotion communicated in the original.


We’re not new to sound design. More than once we’ve partnered with clients from all over the world to help them bring their brands to life. We can produce beautifully designed sounds that communicate emotion with ease.

We have every sound, atmosphere, and SFX needed of a quintessential studio. With our extensive Sound Design library, we are able to complete any production.


Source Connect Pro allows for studio link-ups around the world, without the cost of ISDN. This gives us an edge when it comes to working with international clients that cannot be physically present with us. We also offer Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Skype sessions with global clients so they can listen in and join the recording process. Freq’ncy Audio is committed to delivering the best service, irrespective of your geographic location to give you maximum comfort.


Each of our state-of-art Studios has its own voice-over booth that can comfortably accommodate 2 artists at a time. This allows for the maximum production quality in case of collaboration. We use our adjoining booth for the discreet recording of more voices when required. Our internal voicebank hosts hundreds of voices from our beautiful continent. This gives your sound the final effect that can reach and the target audience.


Over the years, we have provided professional translation services to different clients and worked on commercials, TVs, films, and a host of other materials. We can provide translations, voice-over, and interpreters to suit the target geographic location you want to communicate to.

We are a fully integrated localization hub for Africa, now able to connect your brand or content to multiple territories from the same hub. We have within our hub full-time localization experts for your convenience.


Our Media department manages all media that comes in or out of the company. We offer a host of services to ensure that your project is delivered in the best possible way. We offer backups, conversions to any CODEC, file uploads, dispatching radio material to stations, and striping and tele-streaming for live broadcasts. Our team has enough experience in media management, and we are committed to providing the best services for your convenience.

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