A little bit about us

We are so much more than just an audio facility.

In the past, our then studios were just that. Recording suites. Today they represent the “power” in empowerment with two of the three studios now their own exciting brand, owned wholly by the engineer in charge whom we proudly consider as our strategic business partners. With the addition of two mid-level engineers the four gentlemen work amazingly together bringing a complete set of skills and expertise to the facility.

Freq’ncy has a studio suite in Nairobi, Kenya, expanding our offerings to all the neighboring East African countries. We bring new possibilities of doing regional voiceover work with authenticity and greater variety to our local markets in South and East Africa. With the studio in Kenya source-connect enabled, recording for Africa has never been so easy.

A NEW Freq’ncy.

We have many added benefits that combine ambition and experience. Our valued clients can now connect to our internal voice bank to pick among the best of many African dialects. Access our network of proven suppliers from across Africa.

Kalu Media network.

Tap into our database of professional translators and language supervisors of over 100 languages within our Kalu Media network who are managed and empowered through the latest technological advances in the translation and transcreation world by experienced and accredited project managers. And that’s just the beginning. Call on us to find out how we can become your biggest enabler, not just for our local market. We bring African-wide possibilities to your brands and clients with tenacious energy, commitment to professionalism, and excellence.

Our Team

Meet Our Team.

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