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Final Mix 

Final MIx

Thuso Koetle

AKA Shoes

Senior Engineer 

Thuso Koetle has 5 years experience and hundreds of TVC’s & Radio spots behind his name. With this experience he brings an unwavering attention to detail that leaves a unique shine on your projects. His clients always leave his studio with a smile on their face and a swagger in their step. Shoes is our venac expert (venacspert), local vegan and he’s got the coolest kicks in the game.

Garrick Jones

AKA fats

Engineer / Composer

With Garrick Jones there is no compromise on quality. This emo turned hipster wont let go until the project is right. His clients adore his attention to detail and tolerate the man bun on his head. He’s a genre savant, loves a good chicken mayo sarmie and an all round nice guy. Clients know that Fats will understand and deliver their briefs beyond their expectations.

favourite works