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A Little About Us

Freqncy is situated in the creative hub of Johannesburg. We offer Final Mix and Composition suites, all utilising Pro Tools HDX Systems and built with extra comfort in mind. 



Our Top Missions

We strive to understand your brief and deliver you your vision in the sonic environment. With our highly skilled and award winning team, we are able to craft your product to what you want and more.

Audio Final Mix

We cater for all your Audio Post Production needs. From TV, Radio, AV’s, Digital and Film. JHB has 4 fully fledge studios with state of the art equipment and Voice booths. 

ISDN Source Connect

a Telos Zypher Extreme allows for ISDN link up to studios around the world, Source Connect Pro and Source Link also allows for studio links, without the cost of ISDN.  We also offer Skype sessions with international clients so they can listen in and join the recording process. 

Noise reduction / Advanced Audio Restoration

We use Izotope RX for andvanced audio restoration. Spectral analysis, De-Reverb, Noise reduction, De-Crackling  is just a few of our comprehensive range of noise reduction plugins.

Freqncy Music

We offer composition, scoring, sound alike’s and stems for any medium and in any genre. We have our own in house library that will cater for all your production needs.

Virtual Reality / Gaming

We have the in-house capabilities for mixing true-to-life 3D spacial audio for any Virtual Reality videos. We place audio in 360 degree soundscapes for a true life-like audio simulation.


5.1 Surround Sound

We provide extensive surround sound mixing (5.1) for both cinema and home viewing. In addition we provide advanced surround sound encoding and mixdown services such as Dolby-E and LtRt (with Pro Logic I and II Compatible Matrix Encoding) for our clients peace of mind when dealing with audio delivery requirements.

Sound Design

With our extensive Sound Design library we are able to bring any production to life. Be it for TV, Radio, digital or Film. We have every sound, atmosphere and SFX imaginable.  

VO Recording / Casting

Each Studio has its own voice over booth accommodating 2 artists at a time and in addition, we can utilise the adjoining booth for discreet recording of more voices. We can also source your VO artists and make the recording procedure a breeze.

Media Services

Our Media department manages all media that comes in or out of the company. We offer Backups, Conversions to any CODEC, file uploads, Dispatching radio material to stations and striping for delivery to TV. 

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